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LEXI-Net Instalation Cables for horizontal cabling systems are manufactured with the newest technologies. It can be used for data networks or for manufacturing the patch cables. All cables meets newest standards and are made from 100% copper. You can choose from 5e and Cat 6. You can use all LEXI-Net keystones and connectors.

Nabízené typy kabelů:

Cat 5e UTP, solid, PVC
Cat 5e UTP, solid, LSZH
Cat 5e FTP, solid, PVC
Cat 5e FTP, solid, LSZH

Cat 5e UTP, stranded, PVC

Cat 6 UTP, solid, LSZH
Cat 6 FTP, solid, LSZH

Cat 5e UTP, solid, outdoor
Cat 5e FTP, solid, outdoor