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LEXI-Net keystones are made with the highest standards and small propotions. Exclusive line is toolless and all keystones have cable tie.

It can be used for empty patch panel and also for LE307K-2, ZAS7001S or ABB - Tango, Time, Swing etc. wall plates.

Keystone types:

Lexi-Net Standard:
Cat 5e UTP, 90 degrees
Cat 6 UTP, 90 degrees
Cat 5e FTP, 90 degrees
Cat 6 FTP, 90 degrees
Cat 3, 90 degrees, 6/6, RJ12

Lexi-Net Exclusive:
Cat 5e UTP toolless
Cat 5e FTP toolless
Cat 6 UTP toolless
Cat 6 FTP toolless
Cat 6a FTP toolless

Punch Tool for easy work with Standard keystones
Tool for easy work with Exclusive keystones